Yogizmo Yogurt Company
Lisa Love and the Gizmo

Yogizmo Yogurt Company has brought a cool, new concept in yogurt to Santa Cruz County with their first location, which opened May 2007 in Scotts Valley.  Their second location opened July 2009 on the West Side of Santa Cruz.

The original concept of Yogizmo, opened by Lisa Love, came about when she was traveling in 1999 and stumbled upon a very unique tangy yogurt that was created by a similarly unique machine.  The machine blends hard frozen yogurt and fruit creating delicious soft serve. Lisa found a domestic source for the yogurt, imported the machine, nicknamed it “The Gizmo” and Yogizmo Yogurt Company was born. “The Gizmo” is also used to blend Soy and Marianne’s ice creams into custom, made-to-order delights.

In addition to Custom Gizmos you can enjoy Yogizmo’s equally delicious Signature Plain Frozen Yogurt and all-natural flavored yogurts which contain no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.  Great in smoothies or topped with fresh fruit and honey.

Yogizmo is also proud to carry Santa Cruz’s own Marianne’s Ice Cream.  Made locally since 1948.

Yogizmo is not your average yogurt shop and is definitely worth checking out next time you’re in the neighborhood.